Kyuhyun leaves SM and ‘restarts’ at Antenna
Kyuhyun leaves SM and ‘restarts’ at Antenna
Singer Kyuhyun releases his first album on Antenna today (9th).

Kyuhyun will release his EP 'Restart' through various music sites today (9th) at 6 PM. This is Kyuhyun's first new album since joining Antenna, and Kyuhyun said he will seek musical transformation and show a more sophisticated world of music.

The title song 'It's Not Like That' is a pop rock genre with a modern rock style band sound, expressing complex feelings toward an ex-lover who reunited after a long time through lyrical lyrics.

Kyuhyun himself appears in the music video released along with the sound source, depicting the story of a narrator who accidentally encounters his ex-lover again. The two people's happy past and the present after their breakup are depicted intersecting, doubling the sad emotion. In addition to Kyuhyun's delicate emotional acting, actor Won Ji-an's supporting role increased immersion.

In addition, the new album includes 'Restart', which lets you feel the explosive rock-based band sound and Kyuhyun's singing ability, 'Slow, Slow', which depicts the process of accepting a breakup with Kyuhyun's appealing vocals, and a minimalist piano melody that depicts the loneliness after a breakup. Included are 'Was it Love?', a pop ballad with a dynamic development, and 'Rainbow'. The special track 'It's Because You (Super Junior-KRY)', featuring Super Junior members Ryeowook and Yesung, delivers deep emotion by melting the sincerity toward fans over a warm melody.

As 'Restart' contains the story of Kyuhyun starting another journey at Antenna, writers including Yoo Hee-yeol and Seo Dong-hwan participated in the song work to add antenna color. As Kyuhyun has left behind numerous representative songs such as 'At Gwanghwamun', 'A Million Pieces', and 'Blah Blah', attention is also focused on this new album containing genre challenges. .

Meanwhile, Kyuhyun will release the EP 'Restart' through various music sites today (9th) at 6 PM.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google