Kim Hyeon-cheol releases winter music for adults, ‘Winter, Come Down’ on the 15th
Kim Hyeon-cheol releases winter music for adults, ‘Winter, Come Down’ on the 15th
Singer Kim Hyun-cheol returns with a new song filled with winter emotions.

Kim Hyun-cheol will release his 12-2nd album ‘Winter, Come Down’ at noon on the 15th.

This album is a new album released about 6 months after the 12-1st album 'To-Duk To-Duk', which consisted of songs inspired by rain in June of last year, and is also a series that continues 'To-Duk To-Duk'. Kim Hyun-cheol, who has been making songs about summer and winter, rain and snow, dawn and morning, etc., this time drew a 'gray cityscape covered in snow' with his unique sensitivity.

'Winter, Come Down', a calm ballad genre, was completed as 'adult winter music' that conveys the emotion of 'reminiscence' rather than romance.

Another new song, 'Going Out', is in the bossa nova genre, and expresses winter and bossa nova in an adult way, incorporating one's own experience.

In addition, Kim Hyeon-cheol newly arranged the previously released songs ‘When It Snows’ and ‘Evening Returning from Hoenggye’ and included them in this album, as well as ‘Toduk Toduk (Feat. Ashley Park)’ and ‘Seoul is a Good City When It Rains. It consists of a total of 8 tracks, including ', 'It's Raining', and 'Woo (Rain)'.

Along with the release of his new album, Kim Hyun-cheol is planning to celebrate the new year by holding a solo concert 'Winter, Come Down' at the CKL Stage in Jung-gu, Seoul for a total of 3 days from the 18th to the 20th. This performance is raising expectations as it is the stage where Kim Hyun-cheol's various hit songs with his identity as well as new songs can be enjoyed live for the first time.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google