Infinite Kim Sunggyu's solo fan meeting is sold out.
Infinite Kim Sunggyu's solo fan meeting is sold out.
Singer Kim Sunggyu sold out all tickets to his solo fan meeting.

Kim Sunggyu's solo fan meeting 'ㅅㄱ 2', which went on sale through ticket link at 8 PM on the 4th, sold out all tickets as soon as tickets were opened.

Kim Sunggyu's fan meeting 'THE TEN' held in 2021 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of his solo debut, and the solo concert '[LV]' held last year sold out very quickly, and this fan meeting also achieved the feat of selling out all tickets for the second time. This proved once again the explosive popularity of ‘K-Pop Legend’. This 'ㅅㄱ 2' contains the meaning of Kim Sunggyu's 'Four Seasons', raising expectations for the diverse charms he will show.

Unlike the first 'ㅅㄱ', which was held as a non-face-to-face fan meeting due to the aftermath of COVID-19, this 'ㅅㄱ 2' will be held as a face-to-face fan meeting where fans can breathe and communicate together from a close distance.

Kim Sunggyu, who announced a successful start with all tickets sold out, plans to make 'ㅅㄱ 2' an even more fantastic performance thanks to the positive response from fans. It is expected to present a precious time to fans that they will never forget with a spectacular live performance that you cannot take your eyes off of and a variety of compositions and events.

'ㅅㄱ 2', an exclusive fan meeting where you can see Kim Sunggyu's infinite charm, will be held at KBS Arena on the 27th with two performances at 3 PM and 7 PM.

Kim Sunggyu released the new Ribbon Project collaboration song 'Feeling' on the 1st and kicked off the new year energetically. This is a song included in Kim Sa-rang's debut album 'I Am 18', released in 1999, and has been reborn with Kim Sung-gyu's unique color and sensibility, receiving a warm response from music fans.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google