The Boyz begins follow-up activities with special unit 'Honey'
The Boyz begins follow-up activities with special unit 'Honey'
Group THE BOYZ has begun follow-up activities as a special unit and will continue to work hard starting in the new year.

On the 5th, The Boyz's agency said, "The Boyz will be performing their 2nd full-length album 'PHANTASY' pt. 2 'Sixth Sense' special unit song for about two weeks, starting with the KBS2 'Music Bank' stage aired today." “We will begin promotions for the follow-up song ‘Honey,’” he said.

The Boyz, who made a comeback last year with their 2nd full-length album 'Fantasy' Part 2 'Six Sense', set a new 'career high' record and achieved an 'all-kill' at No. 1 on domestic and international music, albums, global charts, awards ceremonies, and music broadcasts, making them K in name and reality. It confirmed the true value of those who have grown into representative pop artists. Thanks to the enthusiastic support of fans, The Boyz plans to continue their upward trend by deciding to carry out follow-up activities with the follow-up song 'Honey'.

One step ahead of this, The Boyz announced the start of their follow-up song activities by posting the music video for the special unit (Sunwoo and Eric) 'Honey' on the official YouTube and SNS at 6 PM on the 4th. This music video, which contains the unique charms of members Sunwoo and Eric, has been recording a high number of views thanks to the positive response from fans since its release.

The follow-up song 'Honey' is a special unit (Sunwoo, Eric) song, and is a dynamic pop fusion song characterized by a harmonious blending of unique organ sounds, pounding 808 bass, piano, chords, and synths. As it is The Boyz's first English song, member Eric participated in the lyrics and helped add color to the group.

In addition, Witham Boys Kim In-gyu and Foreign participated in the choreography, completing a hip performance that doubled the song's charm by using grooved movements and restrained moves instead of The Boyz's unique powerful choreography.

The Boyz, who proved their unstoppable growth with their 2nd full-length album 'PHANTASY' pt.2 'Sixth Sense', will perform on various stages and music broadcasts, starting with the 'Music Bank' stage today (5th). They will continue their follow-up song activities through this album. The music video for the special unit song 'Honey' can be viewed on The Boyz's official YouTube channel.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google