RIIZE releases new song ‘Love 119’ today (5th)
RIIZE releases new song ‘Love 119’ today (5th)
RIIZE releases new single 'Love 119' today (5th).

RIIZE's single 'Love 119' will be released as a music video on various music sites and YouTube's SMTOWN channel at 6 PM today, and the full function of the 'RIIZE Love 119 Mail Box' promotion page will also be opened at the same time.

In particular, the new song 'Love 119' samples the band izi's 'Emergency Room' and creates a dreamy mood by contrasting the sweet piano riff with the beaty drum line, expressing the feelings of 'first love' in Rise's style.

In addition, this music video captures the first love that suddenly comes to the RIIZE members who have turned into students in the form of a drama, Tights. It is composed of scenes that highlight the winter season through filming on location in Japan, making it a video that feels like watching a 'youth movie'. Completed.

In a preview live broadcast held on the 4th, RIIZE said about ‘Love 119’, “It is a song that perfectly suits the winter atmosphere these days. I loved the song so much that I wanted to let you hear it quickly, so I waited for winter to come. “There is a story in the lyrics, so I hope you listen to it while focusing on the emotions,” he said.

Also, about the music video, “It was the first time for all members to try emotional acting, and it was a unique experience. Even after filming was over, a lot of lingering feelings remained. “I think it will be more fun if you watch it while interpreting the story given to each member’s character,” he added.

Meanwhile, RIIZE will appear for the first time on KBS2TV's 'Music Bank', which will air today, and perform the new song 'Love 119' for the first time.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr translated by google