[Official] Park Hye-won (HYNN) renews contract with agency New Order Entertainment
[Official] Park Hye-won (HYNN) renews contract with agency New Order Entertainment
HYNN ( Park Hye-won ) renews her contract with her agency New Order Entertainment and continues her strong relationship .

On the 5th , New Order Entertainment said, Having accompanied HYNN since her debut, I have been endlessly moved and grateful for not only her outstanding musical ability, but also her kind heart that loves, cares for, and generously shares with others . “We will continue to actively support HYNN ’s musical development and achievements, as well as to exert a positive influence toward a better world, he said in an official statement .

HYNN ( Park Hye-won ) also posted on her Instagram, I have news that I would like to share with my grateful fans who always support and love me . “I have renewed my contract with New Order Entertainment, who walked and ran with me from 2018 to 2023 , he said, adding, I will continue to work hard to show you a happy and growing image with New Order .

Since her debut in 2018 , HYNN ( Park Hye-won ) has garnered attention as a ' ballad star ' by garnering attention with her explosive high notes and vocal volume . Since then, he has increased his awareness through many performances, including busking, and in 2019 , he has grown into a ' reliable singer ' by writing a comeback story with ' Like watering a withered flower ' .

Also, in 2022 , he gained great popularity by appearing in ' What Do You Do When You Play ' , and last year, he also worked hard with WSG Wannabe ( Gaya G) , appeared in JTBC's ' Begin Again - Intermission ' , and released the summer collection ' Summer :夏季' . We have continued our steps .

HYNN ( Park Hye-won ), who has proudly established herself as a ' K- pop representative female solo singer ' , plans to continue her relationship with New Order Entertainment based on deep trust and strong loyalty . Additionally, in 2024 , we plan to join hands with New Order Entertainment and carry out a variety of music activities .

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google