‘Comeback D-3’ ITZY releases additional music video teaser for title song ‘UNTOUCHABLE’
‘Comeback D-3’ ITZY releases additional music video teaser for title song ‘UNTOUCHABLE’
ITZY released an additional music video teaser for their new album's title song 'UNTOUCHABLE', raising expectations for a fantastic performance from a trustworthy 'stage craftsman'.

ITZY will make a comeback with the release of their new album 'BORN TO BE' and title song 'UNTOUCHABLE' on January 8th. They released the music video teaser for the first time on the official SNS channel on the 4th and showed off some of the new song and choreography. At midnight on the 5th, they released an additional music video teaser that shows the presence of the 'strongest K-pop performance girl group'.

The members in the video overwhelmed everyone's attention with their sophisticated yet elegant movements and charismatic eyes. The all-black outfit, red lighting, and relaxed mood worked synergistically to double the girl-crush energy, and heralded a refreshing performance like the lyrics, "I'm untouchable, it started because I couldn't stop it, just going with the flow, just going on and on." Expectations are high that we will be able to see ITZY's new stage that will leave you amazed with energetic melodies and beats.

The new song 'UNTOUCHABLE' is performed by Maria, who has collaborated with many K-pop artists, including Isran, who wrote the lyrics for 'None of My Business', a song included in the previous album 'KILL MY DOUBT', and famous lyricist Bang Hye-hyun. Leading domestic and foreign writers, including Maria Marcus, worked together to complete it. Here, 'Not Shy' and 'MA.P.A.' Kiel Tutin, a world-class choreographer who worked on 'In the morning' (Mafia in the Morning), and dancer Hee-soo Song from 'Turns', the winning team of Mnet's 'Street Dance Girls Fighter' aired in 2022, completed the choreography and enjoyed listening to it. It foreshadows the birth of a masterpiece with great taste.

ITZY's new album tracks 'BORN TO BE', 'Mr. Vampire' (Mr. Vampire) and the first solo song track video in which the members directly participated in the song work, various video contents are being released, stimulating curiosity about the comeback. Starting with the title song 'UNTOUCHABLE', 'BORN TO BE', 'Mr. Vampire', 'Dynamite' and member solo songs 'Crown On My Head (Yeji)', 'Blossom (Ria)', 'Run Away ( A total of 10, including ‘Run Away (Ryujin)’, ‘Mine (Chaeryeong)’, ‘Yet, but (Yuna)’, and ‘Escalator’. Attention is focused on ITZY's moves to start 2024 on a hot note with a high-quality album filled with songs.

For MIDZY (fandom name: MIDZY) who has been waiting for their comeback, various promotions will be held on the day of the album release (the 8th). At 5 p.m., an hour before the release of the new album, a countdown live will be broadcast simultaneously on JYP's official YouTube channel and music platform Melon. Next, at 7 PM, the story of the first comeback of the new year will be told through Melon's exclusive live 'Melon Spotlight LIVE'.

Meanwhile, ITZY's new mini album 'BORN TO BE' and title song 'UNTOUCHABLE' will be officially released at 6 PM on Monday, January 8th. On February 24th and 25th, a solo concert will be held at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Songpa-gu, Seoul and the second world tour 'ITZY 2ND WORLD TOUR <BORN TO BE>' will begin.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google