‘Seventeen’s younger brother group’ TWS (Tours), everything about the 6 members
‘Seventeen’s younger brother group’ TWS (Tours), everything about the 6 members
Pledis Entertainment's large new group TWS (Tours) has released a large amount of content that allows you to truly see the characters and charms of each member.

TWS (Shinyu, Dohoon, Youngjae, Hanjin, Jihoon, Kyungmin) released Part 1 of their profile film (TWS Profile Film) on the team's official SNS on the 3rd and Part 6 of their personal trailer (TWS FIRST TIME) on Hive Labels' official YouTube channel on the 4th. were published one after another.

First, the profile film captured the members' appearances from three people's perspectives by organizing several photos and videos in one frame in a frame-like arrangement. The eldest brother, Shin-yu, is basking in the sunlight and has a bright smile, while Do-hoon has a hip vibe with his hands behind his head. Youngjae gives off a warm vibe just by standing on the street. Hanjin's pure eyes staring deeply at the camera, Jihoon's harmless gaze with a sensitive look, and even Gyeongmin showing his mischievousness as the youngest. The six members of TWS naturally reveal their charms and exude boyish charm. This profile film includes Shinyu (born in 2003, INFP), Dohoon (born in 2005, ISTP), Youngjae (born in 2005, ISFJ), Hanjin (born in 2006, INFJ), Jihoon (born in 2006, INFJ), and Kyungmin (born in 2007, ISFP). )'s age and MBTI were also introduced, stimulating the curiosity of fans.

The 6 individual trailers capture their charm even more deeply. Using school and home as the background, it reflects the members' actual personalities and tendencies, showing their natural charm. To double the fun, watch this video in the order of Dohun, Shinyu, Youngjae, Kyungmin, Jihoon, and Hanjin. Dohun and Shinyu appear together in the video, and Dohun and Shinyu appear together in Youngjae's trailer. One by one, each person joined each other's videos, creating a narrative of unity through TWS. In particular, some of the sound source and title of 'unplugged boy', one of the tracks from Dohoon's first mini album, also surprisingly appear in Dohoon's trailer.

Do-hoon, who tries on various clothes in his room and poses and dances in a playful way; Shin-yu, who seriously writes lyrics in a notebook with math problems on it and then raps alone in a back alley without hesitation; and a handsome senior who plays when he plays and studies when he studies. Jungseok Youngjae and Kyungmin are shown showing off their cute and quirky charms by lying upside down on a slide or blowing bubble gum loudly.

From Jihoon's video, the atmosphere develops emotionally. Jihoon, looking helpless in a dark room, searches for a friend to dance with him through messenger. When Do-hoon, Shin-yu, Young-jae, and Kyung-min respond to this message, Ji-hoon finally finds a smile. Hanjin's video begins with him concentrating on practice and says, "I will not give up. The clumsy yet sincere narration, “The future me I’ve been waiting for,” leaves a deep impression.

The trailer credits for Gyeongmin, Jihoon, and Hanjin draw attention as the names of special people are mentioned. This is author Cheon Gye-young, who dominated the comics world in the 90s. This raises curiosity as to how his name came to be listed on the TWS credits.

TWS will make its official debut by releasing 'Sparkling Blue' at 6 PM on the 22nd. They expressed their ambition to become precious friends who make the ordinary daily lives of the public and fans special with their refreshing and bright energy. And they are expected to stimulate the pure and beautiful emotions of boyhood by promoting their own genre, 'Boyhood Pop', which is an expansion of their team identity.

Prior to their official debut, TWS released the pre-release song 'Oh Mymy: 7s' from their 1st mini album on the 2nd, and the group name and member names dominated real-time trends on SNS, receiving explosive attention as 'the most anticipated singer of the year'. Global fans' expectations for TWS, which combines Pledis Entertainment's outstanding creative capabilities and Hive's strong infrastructure, are growing day by day.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google