Kyuhyun, who moved from SM to Antenna, said, “Still, I want to get applause.”
Kyuhyun, who moved from SM to Antenna, said, “Still, I want to get applause.”
Singer Kyuhyun revealed his honest thoughts about starting a new journey at Antenna.

At midnight on the 4th, the agency Antenna posted an interview film commemorating the release of Kyuhyun's EP 'Restart' on its official YouTube channel. In the essay-style video, Kyuhyun tells his intimate story in a calm voice. He talked about the reason why he dreamed of becoming a singer, as well as his feelings about making a new start through the new album.

Regarding the reason he started making music, Kyuhyun said, "When I was a vocalist in a band in middle school, I went on stage at a school festival and I remember the looks on people's faces as they focused on me. At that moment, I thought, 'This is such a happy thing.'" .

'Restart', which will be released on the 9th, is Kyuhyun's first album since joining Antenna. Kyuhyun confidently said, "Of course I'm scared of starting over, but in hindsight, I realize that whether I did well or not, I'm a slightly better 'me,'" and then honestly confessed, "Still, I want to receive a lot of applause."

'Restart' is Kyuhyun's solo album released about two years after his previous work. Kyuhyun plans to showcase his limitless musical spectrum by challenging genres that include refreshing pop rock as well as his signature ballad. In addition to the support provided by the agency's writers, including Yoo Hee-yeol and Seo Dong-hwan, the new album also featured Super Junior's Leeteuk as the showcase MC, and Ryeowook and Yesung contributed to featuring in the b-side songs.

Kyuhyun will release his EP 'Restart' through various music sites at 6 PM on the 9th. On the same day, at 8 PM, a fan showcase to commemorate the comeback will be held at the Blue Square Mastercard Hall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, taking a meaningful first step in Antenna with fans.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google