SISTAR 19, comeback after 11 years on the 16th
SISTAR 19, comeback after 11 years on the 16th
SISTAR19 announced its official comeback to the music industry on January 16th.

SISTAR19 unexpectedly released a coming soon image through their official SNS on the 3rd, announced their comeback to the music industry after 11 years on January 16, and began a full-fledged countdown to their activities.

In the coming soon image released this time, SISTAR19's real-life silhouette is inserted like a design at the bottom against a deep red color background, giving a strong feeling.

In addition, the new single name and title song name 'NO MORE (MA BOY)' was opened at the top, attracting the attention of domestic and foreign fans. In particular, 'MA BOY' is the same as SISTAR 19's debut single 'Ma Boy', so it is an extension of the concept at the time and heralds an upgrade to the 2024 version.

SISTAR19 started out as a unit of the girl group SISTAR and succeeded in successive hits with its debut single 'Ma Boy' in 2011 and 'Because It's Not There' released in 2013, and has shown the boundary between girls and ladies. It presented a differentiated concept of crossing the boundaries.

Since then, Hyorin has established a one-person agency and is participating in all solo albums as a solo singer and producer, and is active in various fields such as solo, OST, duet, featuring, and concert. Bora started her acting career with the drama 'Doctor Stranger' and is meeting the public as an actress by appearing in the dramas 'Hwayugi', 'God's Quiz: Reboot', 'Paper Moon', and 'Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 2 and 3'.

As a result, SISTAR19, comprised of Hyorin and Bora, will temporarily put aside their respective careers as solo artists and actors, regroup as a team, and begin full-fledged unit activities for the first time in 11 years.

Meanwhile, SISTAR19 will release a new single 'NO MORE (MA BOY)' on January 16th.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google