Seong Si-kyung successfully completes his last performance in 2023
Seong Si-kyung successfully completes his last performance in 2023
Seong Si-kyung successfully completed his year-end solo concert.

Sung Si-kyung joined the audience at the '2023 Sung Si-kyung Year-End Concert' held at KSPO DOME in Seoul Olympic Park for a total of three days from December 29th to 31st, splendidly decorating the last night of 2023 with thrill and emotion.

As a concert master who has led large-scale brand performances such as congratulatory songs, with friends, and year-end concerts every year, Sung Si-kyung enthused the audience again this time. In particular, each performance was thrilling, showing a good example of an evolved concert that completely moved the audience for over 220 minutes with a unique production and solid stage composition that captured attention.

In particular, in 2023, it moved from Seoul's Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium to Olympic Park's KSPO DOME, boasting a grand scale, and careful attention was paid to vividly feel the thrill of the audience through the 360-degree circular stage. In addition, they captivated the audience's ears with overwhelming high-quality live performances and all-live band sessions on all stages.

Accordingly, it was unique from the opening. Actor Jung Woo-sung made a surprise appearance on a very large circular set stage filled with LEDs and eight large LED screens hung from the ceiling, and decorated the opening video by introducing Sung Si-kyung with the witty comment, 'A man who is sincere about singing and performing.' Sung Si-kyung, who made a surprise appearance from the audience on the second floor in a suit, created a stir from the beginning with his song 'Popcorn'.
Seong Si-kyung successfully completes his last performance in 2023
Seong Si-kyung successfully completes his last performance in 2023
The '2023 Sung Si-kyung Year-End Concert' includes Sung Si-kyung's first album from 2001 to 2023, including 'All Your Moments', 'It Must Be Good', 'The Time I Loved You', 'Even for a Moment', 'Longing', and 'We Get Together Quite Well'. A parade of famous songs spanning more than 20 years, including the new single in 2018, unfolded, giving both memories and lingering emotions.

The finale was decorated with special cheering and a special guest appearance. In the special video, Kim Jo-han, Shin Dong-yeop, Park Myung-soo, Cha Eun-woo, Kyuhyun, Bae Chul-soo, Yang Hee-eun, PSY, Lee Dong-wook, Yoo Se-yoon and Sung Si-kyung's mother appeared, adding to the attraction with deep talks about Sung Si-kyung, and on the three-day stage, Kim Jong-seo, Dynamic Duo, Jay Park and Crush appeared as special guests, drawing explosive support from the hit song parade to the sensational stage.

Seong Si-kyung bowed his head in the middle of the stage and repeatedly expressed his gratitude, saying, “This performance was really good,” and “I will work hard to show you even more new and many things in 2024, so please look forward to it.” He expressed his commitment to becoming an evolved musician. did.

Meanwhile, Sung Si-kyung will continue his activities on various stages and broadcasts and will meet the public through YouTube channel 'SUNG SI KYUNG' with 1.74 million subscribers.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
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