Kim Junsu opens new brand concert
Kim Junsu opens new brand concert
Singer Kim Junsu, celebrating his 20th debut anniversary, opens a new chapter of XIA's brand concert.

According to his agency Palm Tree Island on the 29th, Kim Junsu will hold a new year-end concert 'XIA 2023 CONCERT Chapter 1: Recreation' at Jamsil Indoor Stadium for 3 days from this day to the 31st.

Kim Junsu plans to spend meaningful time with his fans to end 2023 meaningfully and welcome a new year. Accordingly, ahead of the opening of Kim Junsu's concert, we pointed out three points to watch that raise expectations.

Kim Junsu's new chapter, new brand Con launched

For the past 10 years, Kim Junsu has firmly maintained his position as the performance king, taking charge of the end of the year for audiences with his unrivaled brand of ballad and musical concerts. He holds solo concerts every year without fail, including numerous album release commemorative concerts that demonstrate his irreplaceable performance craftsmanship, solidifying his unwavering position as a male solo artist who still exerts influence.

Kim Junsu launched a new brand concert to commemorate the 20th anniversary of his debut. This performance is expected to be a 'new chapter 1' that marks the beginning, and is once again exciting the hearts of many fans.
Kim Junsu opens new brand concert
Kim Junsu opens new brand concert
Famous band masters came out for Kim Junsu.

As the full band live performance at the new brand concert was widely announced, all the band masters gathered in one place to honor the performance master Kim Junsu. Kyu-Hyung Lee, a drummer and sessionist who participated in the performance and arrangement of Beom-Jun Jang's 'I Felt the Scent of Your Shampoo in the Waving Flowers', will be the band master and drummer for Kim Jun-su's performance.

Park Hyo-shin's bandmaster Choi In-seong joined as bassist. Next, Younha's band master Park Joong-hoon and Kim Pil's band master Kim Hyeon are each in charge of playing the keyboard. They have been active as performers for many famous artists such as IU, Taeyeon, Crush, Kim Dong-ryul, and Lee So-ra, and are still actively pursuing music activities.

The meeting of accomplished artist Kim Junsu and talented band masters is expected to provide a live stage of a higher quality than ever before, further adding to the immersion of the performance.

A feast of limited special stages

As this is a concert that marks the end of the year in 2023, it is expected that Junsu Kim will show his true value this time as well. The full band live performance of Kim Junsu's previously released representative songs newly arranged into jazz, semi-rock, and pop can also be seen only at this performance. In particular, they showed their passion for recording new choruses and chords of some songs for a complete performance. Expectations are high that it will be a feast of stages that blend the familiar and the new.

In addition, we plan to conduct a true 'recreation' with the audience that matches the meaning of 'recovery' and 'renewal', predicting that you will be able to see songs that have never been seen in the setlist for the past 10 years.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google