BTS Jungkook's '3D (feat. Jack Harlow)' MV exceeds 100 million views
BTS Jungkook's '3D (feat. Jack Harlow)' MV exceeds 100 million views
‘Global pop star’ Jungkook’s record streak continues.

The number of YouTube views of the music video for BTS Jungkook's second solo single '3D (feat. Jack Harlow)', which was released on September 29 (Korean time), exceeded 100 million at around 2:45 am on the 22nd. With this, Jungkook added another music video with '100 million views' following his solo single 'Seven (feat. Latto)', which has recorded 307 million views on YouTube (as of the 22nd).

'3D' is a song that contains the message that we want to go beyond the first and second dimensions and meet the third-dimensional 'you' in person, and always be together as 'us'. The music video also metaphorically depicts the song's message of wanting to see the 'you' you love beyond dimensions through devices such as stairs and mirrors. Jack Harlow, who participated in the feature, also appeared in the music video and worked directly with Jungkook.

Upon its release, '3D' entered the US Billboard main song chart 'Hot 100' (as of October 14th) and the UK's Official Singles Chart (as of October 7th) at number 5 respectively. Previously, 'Seven' ranked first on the 'Hot 100' and third on the Official Singles Chart, making Jungkook the first K-pop solo artist to set a record of having two songs enter the 'Top 5' of Billboard and the UK Official Chart in a row.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google