IVE achieved first place with the song 'Baddie' after their career ended.
IVE achieved first place with the song 'Baddie' after their career ended.
IVE (Ahn Yu-jin, Ga-eul, Ray, Jang Won-young, Liz, Lee Seo) added another first place trophy.

According to his agency Starship Entertainment, Ive won first place with the title song 'Baddie' of 'I'VE MINE' on SBS' 'Inkigayo', which aired on the 3rd.

Even though they ended their official activities with 'Inkigayo' on October 29, they added 3 first place trophies on 'Inkigayo' alone, recording a triple crown and achieving a total of 5 trophies with 'Baddie'.

Previously, Ive appeared on MBC M's 'Show! While taking first place on 'Champion' and Mnet's 'M Countdown' with 'Baddie', he also took first place on 'Inkigayo' with 'Either Way', one of the triple title songs. Even after the end of the activity, 'Baddy' continued his march back to first place, and this gave Ive his 6th win with 'Ive Mine'.

Also, Ive, who recorded the triple crown with 'Baddie', achieved his fourth triple crown on 'Inkigayo', following 'ELEVEN', 'LOVE DIVE', and 'I AM'.

Through his agency, Ive said, "I think we were able to achieve the triple crown on 'Inkigayo' with 'Baddy' thanks to the continued love that we still send even though our activities ended. Thank you," and "There's not much left until 2023, so be careful not to catch a cold." “And I want to tell Dive (the official fan club name) that I love you,” he said.

Through 'Ive Mine', Ive conveyed an infinitely expanded message by presenting a variety of images of 'himself' seen from various perspectives.

The triple title song aroused interest by showing different styles and moods. Among them, the title song 'Baddy' has a hip yet powerful and unique charm, and has consistently maintained the top rankings, including No. 1 on the monthly charts of major music sites Melon and Genie in November.

Ive not only won three awards at the 'MELON MUSIC AWARDS (MELON MUSIC AWARDS)' held on the 2nd, winning Album of the Year (Grand Prize), TOP 10, and Millions TOP 10, but also received the honor of the grand prize for two consecutive years.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google