NewJeans' 'Ditto' surpasses 500 million streams on Spotify
NewJeans' 'Ditto' surpasses 500 million streams on Spotify
NewJeans' 'Ditto' surpassed 500 million streams on Spotify.

According to Spotify, the world's largest music streaming platform, on the 4th, the song 'Ditto' from New Jeans' (Minzy, Hani, Daniel, Haerin, Hyein) single album 'OMG' was played 504,242,444 times as of the 2nd. 'Ditto' thus became New Genes' second 500 million streamed song, following the album's title song of the same name, 'OMG'.

In particular, as the first anniversary of its release approaches, it is noteworthy that the number of daily streams of 'Ditto' on Spotify is rapidly increasing. The average daily streaming number of 'Ditto' over the past month was 650,000 to 700,000, but since the 30th of last month, it has been streaming around 1 million times daily.

'Ditto' is a song prepared by NewJeans for the first winter with the Bunnies (fandom name), and is a song that stands out with a cozy melody and NewJeans' warm vocals. Immediately after being pre-released on December 19th of last year prior to the release of the album 'OMG', this song achieved a record of being No. 1 on the daily chart for 99 days and the weekly chart for 14 consecutive weeks on Melon, a major music source site in Korea, and is still loved so much that it is ranked at the top of the music charts. is receiving.

'Ditto' also caused a craze overseas. 'Ditto', which gave NewJeans the honor of entering the US Billboard main song chart 'Hot 100' just 6 months after its debut, has been on the Billboard 'Global (excluding the US)' latest chart for 49 weeks as of December 2nd. Thanks to this popularity, 'Ditto' ranked 24th and 52nd on Billboard's 2023 year-end charts 'Global (excluding the United States)' and 'Global 200', respectively.

NewJeans received the grand prize award in the 'Song of the Year' category with 'Ditto' at the '2023 MAMA Awards' held on the 29th of last month and the 'Melon Music Awards 2023 (MMA2023)' held on the 2nd. In addition, 'Ditto' was selected as the first foreign song to win the 'Excellent Work Award' at the 'Japan Record Awards', Japan's most prestigious music awards ceremony, and is a candidate for the grand prize to be announced on the 30th.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google