Baekho releases mood film
Baekho releases mood film
Singer Baekho released the mood film for his new song 'What are we (Feat. Park Ji-won of Fromis_Nine)'.

Baekho released the mood film of his new digital single 'What are we (Feat. Park Ji-won of Fromis Nine)' through his official SNS at midnight on the 4th.

In a strange atmosphere, Baekho turns the lights on and off repeatedly, drinks water, lies on the sofa, moves the tips of his toes, or looks at himself in the mirror. He also fills the mood film with natural movements, such as resting his arms on the table where the TV is placed, but at the same time appearing to be fidgeting.

In particular, the sensuous visual beauty that truly brings out Baekho's charm stands out. The special filter that gives a warm feeling and the quiet room background double Baekho's mysterious and mature feeling.

The agency, Pledis Entertainment, said, “'What are we (Feat. Park Ji-won of Fromis Nine)' is a pop R&B genre based on medium-tempo disco, and is a song with an impressive melody that anyone can enjoy easily and comfortably.” He said, “It will depict the development of relationships and changes in emotions, starting from loneliness and boredom and progressing to a relationship filled with curiosity and secrets.”

'What are we (Feat. Park Ji-won of Fromis Nine)', the second song of Baekho's digital single project 'the [bæd] time', will be released at 6 PM on the 7th.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
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