Stray Kids dominates Spotify following US Billboard
Stray Kids dominates Spotify following US Billboard
Stray Kids, who dominated the US Billboard, also achieved good results on the global music streaming platform Spotify.

Stray Kids' new mini album '樂-STAR', released on November 10th, is gaining popularity worldwide, exceeding 100 million Spotify streams as of the 30th of the same month. In addition, in the '2023 Wrapped year-end settlement' chart announced by Spotify on the 30th, Stray Kids ranked 5th in 'Top 10 Most Streamed K-Pop Artists' and 16th in '2023 Top Group (2023 Most Streamed Group Playlist)'. , achieved the result of ranking 40th in the ‘2023 Top Group Canada’. In particular, they ranked highest among the 4th generation K-pop boy groups in each category, solidifying their presence as a 'top class' group.

Previously, Stray Kids' latest work '樂-STAR', mini albums 'ODDINARY' and 'MAXIDENT', released in March and October 2022, respectively, and 3rd regular album '★★★★' in June 2023 ★ Following '(5-STAR)' (Five Star), it entered the Billboard main chart 'Billboard 200' and immediately ranked first. Not only did they set a record of winning first place on the 'Billboard 200' for four consecutive years, but they also became the first 4th generation K-pop boy group to rank 90th on the 'Hot 100' and 2nd on the 'Artist 100', demonstrating their ability to dominate all three main Billboard charts. There are only two K-pop boy groups that charted on both Billboard's main charts: BTS and Stray Kids.

They then ranked 7th on the 'Billboard 200' chart as of December 2nd (local time), ranking in the top 10 for two consecutive weeks, and showing off their fierce momentum by being named in a total of 14 categories.

In addition, Billboard's reputation also shined in the 2023 year-end charts (YEAR-END CHARTS) recently announced on its official website. With their 3rd full-length album '★★★★★ (5-STAR)', they ranked 82nd on the album comprehensive chart 'Billboard 200 Albums', the highest ranking among K-pop artists, as well as 1st place in 'World Album Artist' and 1st place in 'World Album'. It swept various charts including above.

The mini album '樂-STAR' expressed Stray Kids' message and confidence that 'our rock continues no matter what the situation'. Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han of the group's producing team 3RACHA, who directly participated in song production for each album and imprinted Stray Kids' unique identity, also led the new work, creating another masterpiece that shook the hearts of fans worldwide. Attention is drawn to the unstoppable performance of Stray Kids, who are continuing their successful parade with their own works.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google