Rookie AMPERS&ONE is working hard regardless of TV or YouTube.
Rookie AMPERS&ONE is working hard regardless of TV or YouTube.
Rookie boy group AMPERS&ONE is presenting a variety of content that will attract fans.

AMPERS&ONE released its first single album 'AMPERSAND ONE' on the 15th, and is experiencing strong popularity with the title song 'On And On'. Just one day after the release of 'On And On', it charted on iTunes in 12 KPOP music regions around the world. Even though they are a rookie group that just debuted, their music video surpassed 10 million views in just 6 days, and they are standing out in the global K-pop scene.

AMPERS&ONE One is working hard with a variety of content by appearing on various music broadcasts and YouTube channels. First of all, even before debut, the new song 'On And On', starting with 1theK Originals' 'Count Dance', 1theK Originals' 'Suit Dance', M2's 'Relay Dance', and the choreography practice video on AMPERS&ONE's official channel. By revealing various concept stages using choreography, AMPERS&ONE demonstrated its outstanding performance capabilities, which is its strength. In addition, they appeared on 'Weekly Idol', which airs on MBC M and MBC Every1, and showed off their performance ability that is not limited to genres with a 2x speed dance and K-pop random play dance stage.

AMPERS&ONE performed a high-quality live performance. The band's version of 'On And On' was performed on the 'It's Live' official YouTube channel, and through 1theK Originals' 'WWC (World Wide Cover)' video, starting with Jungkook's 'Seven', Anirudh Ravichander, They covered popular songs from 8 countries, including Arijit Singh, Shilpa Rao, and Kumaar's 'Chaleya' (India), Ado's 'Show' (Japan), and SB19's 'GENTO' (Philippines).

He also showed off his sense of entertainment. Following 'Weekly Idol', in 'Today's Peaceful Palm Time', 7 people achieved a mission to dress up in 7 colors, causing laughter, and in 'Follow me to the East', they showed fresh chemistry by performing a skit with the concept of a heated discussion to form a club. It provided delightful fun. Additionally, they appeared on the radio as a complete group for the first time on EBS' 'Night Radio' and shared behind-the-scenes episodes with the members, captivating listeners with their fresh charm and passion befitting rookies.

AMPERS&ONE has entered its third week of debut activities and plans to continue meeting fans through various music broadcasts and content.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google