&TEAM gave a powerful performance in their first appearance at the ‘2023 MAMA Awards’
&TEAM gave a powerful performance in their first appearance at the ‘2023 MAMA Awards’
&TEAM proved to be a ‘hot rookie’ that the world is paying attention to with their powerful performance at the ‘2023 MAMA Awards’.

&TEAM (Uiju, Fuma, Kei, Nicholas, Yuma, Joe, Harua, Taki, Maki) debuted their first full-length album 'First Howling: NOW' at the '2023 MAMA Awards' held at Tokyo Dome in Japan on the 28th (Korean time). 's title song 'War Cry' was sung passionately. The nine members performed intense group dance, clearly demonstrating their improved skills and the unity of &TEAM.

&TEAM's stage on this day was a performance with a story that visualized the 'wolf' concept. Starting with Kei's solo dance on the protruding stage, the nine members expressed the wild nature of wolves through the 'Wolf Pack' choreography using roaring appearances, crouching poses, and hand movements. In addition, the dynamic acrobatic dance and sophisticated group dance with a large number of dancers were enough to fascinate the audience.

Major objects from the debut album 'First Howling: ME', the 2nd mini album 'First Howling: WE', and the 1st full-length album, such as a cliff, a forest, and a full moon, appeared on a large LED, bringing life to &TEAM's stage.

&TEAM expressed their thoughts on appearing at the red carpet event held before the awards ceremony, saying, "This is my first time coming to the 'MAMA Awards,' and I'm nervous, but I'll show you the stage I've prepared well."

&TEAM surprisingly released the music video teaser for 'Dropkick', a song included in 'First Howling: NOW', on the Hive Labels YouTube channel at midnight on the 29th. The 29-second teaser video shows the cheerful appearance of &TEAM, starting with a scene of the members washing their cars together, followed by the opening performance of 'Dropkick' in the stadium. The cheerful melody, clear sky, and bright smiles of the nine members combine to maximize the hopeful future of &TEAM at the starting line. The full music video for 'Dropkick' is scheduled to be released on the 30th.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google