Singer Kim Dong-ryul releases new song today
Singer Kim Dong-ryul releases new song today
Musician Kim Dong-ryul will release his single ‘It’s an Old Story’ today at 6 PM on the 29th.

The new song 'It's an Old Story' is a lonely but quiet song that tells the story of reminiscing about old, distant memories that can no longer be reached. The lyrics calmly spoken in Kim Dong-ryul's voice and the sweet piano performance stand out.

Jeong Dong-hwan of Melomance, a group known as Kim Dong-ryul's biggest fan, took charge of the arrangement and piano performance, and Hong Jun-ho participated as a guitar player.

Recently, Kim Dong-ryul directly shared the news and thoughts about the release of a new song through his SNS. He said, "When the season comes, even if the entire field is not in full bloom at once, I think about the flowers that this song will bloom in rare instances for a long period of time. It took a long time to wait for winter. Thank you to everyone who waited a long time." He expressed his thoughts about it.

Kim Dong-ryul raised expectations by promising to release a new song with 60,000 viewers at the solo concert 'Melody' held last October for the first time in four years.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
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