Xikers launches first season greetings
Xikers launches first season greetings
Rookie group Xikers releases its first season greeting since its debut.

On the 27th, the Xikers posted the 2024 season greeting ‘Xikerss!’ through their official SNS. How’s the weather? Announced the release of ‘It’s roady! (xikers! How’s the weather? It’s roady!)’.

Xikers' 2024 season greeting is a concept in which members become correspondents and provide information on the weather to Roddy (official fandom name). In the photo preview released on this day, each person used props such as trench coats, winter jackets, umbrellas, and raincoats to express the appropriate sense of the season.

Xikers, who showed off their new visuals with neat shirts, showed off their diverse charms with facial expressions and gestures appropriate for each season.

This Xikers 2024 season greeting is rich in practical items such as desk calendars and diaries, as well as foldable posters containing various images of members, postcards, photo card sets, and making DVDs.

Xikers’ 2024 season greeting ‘Xikers! How’s the weather? Pre-orders for ‘It’s roady!’ begin on the 28th, and will be officially released on December 27th.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google