Oh My Girl successfully completes first fan concert ‘OH MY LAND’
Oh My Girl successfully completes first fan concert ‘OH MY LAND’
Oh My Girl successfully concluded its first fan concert.

On the 25th, Oh My Girl held their first fan concert 'OH MY LAND' at the KBS Arena in Seoul at 2 PM and 7 PM, and met with fans.

This fan concert was organized under the concept of Oh My Girl's own amusement park, and was decorated with a total of three themes, including 'Fantasy Parade', 'Horror', and 'Grand Finale', providing unique fun to fans.

Oh My Girl opened the fan concert with 'Invitation', a song from their 8th mini album, and continued with songs full of bright and lively charm such as 'Love O'clock', 'Secret Garden', and 'Fifth Season (SSFWL)'. It raised the excitement index of fans.

Afterwards, Oh My Girl continued their special time by performing a series of stages prepared for their fans. Mimi, YooA, and Seunghee performed the 'Banana Allergy Monkey' stage of Oh My Girl's unit 'Oh My Girl Banhana', and Hyojung, Yubin, and Arin performed the 'Hadora' stage, drawing a warm response from fans, and through fan voting, They drew attention by preparing a surprise performance of 'Twilight', which took first place in the 'Most Wanted to See B-side Song Stage'. In addition, the performance of 'My Type', a song included in the 9th mini album released in July, was performed for the first time at a fan concert, further heightening the atmosphere.

In addition, the medley stage of hit songs such as 'Dolphin', 'Nonstop', and 'Dun Dun Dance', which have been loved by the public, heightened the excitement of fans and heated up the fan concert.

In particular, at this fan concert, solo stages where each member's individuality stood out captured the hearts of fans. From Seunghee, who showed a powerful dance performance with 'Siren' and 'Get A Guitar', to Hyojung's 'Over the Rainbow', which reminded people of Disney princesses with her piano performance and live performance, and Yubin's 'Yes No', which completed a sexy and charismatic stage. Following the first performance consisting of 'Maybe', YooA's powerful and captivating 'Spicy' stage, youngest Arin's 'Naughty Girl', which showed off her unexpected charm with a sexy dance stage, and finally, vocals containing her own emotions as well as rap and dance. Mimi, who completed a unique stage with 'When It Rains, I Think of You', 'Purple Night (pporappippam)', and 'The Original', captivated the audience with a variety of eye-catching solo stages until the second performance.

In addition, Oh My Girl filled the fan concert with a variety of compositions and stages, including directly communicating with fans through talks and game corners and getting up close.

At the end of the fan concert, Oh My Girl said, “I hope that today’s performance will become a memory that fans can look back on when they are having a hard time. I once again felt that our hearts were connected as one. “We were able to be here thanks to our fans,” he said. “You are the reason we exist. “Thanks to you, I was able to complete a wonderful stage,” he said. He continued, “I felt the power of love while looking at the fans, and when I saw the fans, I thought, ‘This is the position I have to work hard to protect. I need to work harder and repay them with my performance.’ You are our sanctuary and booster. “I love you so much and I’m thankful,” he said with tears in his heart, touching the hearts of his fans.

Lastly, Oh My Girl performed 'NE♡N', 'PLAYGROUND', and 'Blink' as an encore stage, as well as 'Miracle', a fan song that all members participated in writing lyrics for and expressing their feelings for the fans who have shown their support and love for a long time. They ended the performance full of emotion by singing along with their fans.

Meanwhile, Oh My Girl, who successfully completed their first fan concert, is receiving love from the public by being active in various fields as well as group activities.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google