The birth of HYBE's global girl group is imminent.
The birth of HYBE's global girl group is imminent.
The birth of a global girl group from HYBE and Geffen Records, which will debut in the United States, the world's largest pop market, is imminent. Out of 120,000 applicants from around the world, only 10 participants have overcome fierce competition and reached the finish line at 'Dream Academy'. The final flame of those who have worked tirelessly toward their dreams burns at 12 noon on the 18th, Korean time.

On this day, the participants who will perform on the stage of 'The Debut: Dream Academy-Live Finale' held at XR Studios in Hollywood, USA are Daniela (USA), Emily (USA), and Ez. They are Lela (Australia), Lara (USA), Manon (Switzerland), Maki (Thailand), Megan (USA), Samara (Brazil), Sofia (Philippines), and Yunchae (Korea). They showed their capabilities and potential while going through the three major missions that evaluated dance, vocals, teamwork, concept digestion, expression, and artistry.

HYBE said, “As it is the end of the 12-week journey and the time to decide the debut group of global girl groups that are about to take a bigger leap forward, you can expect the ‘Dream Academy’ to reach its peak.” He went on to say, “Both the contestants and the production crew are working hard at the last minute to show the best performance,” and introduced points to watch for the ‘Dream Academy-Live Finale’ that will be more interesting to know.

◆ Utilization of full-scale VR studio, differentiated stage

'Dream Academy-Live Finale' implements a differentiated stage using a full-scale VR (Virtual reality) studio. The advantage of VR, which is not limited by space, was taken advantage of. Viewers are expected to be able to enjoy the live finale as if they were watching the stage right in front of them. Because camera angles and screen compositions are free, three-dimensional characters and a lively stage are expected. 'Dream Academy', which started with the challenge of globalizing a K-pop production system that does not exist anywhere else in the world by rooting it in the mainland pop market, also had a unique process. A new form of audition centered on short form and social networks was developed, creating a fresh sensation. Thanks to this, 'Dream Academy' can be enjoyed easily from all over the world, and this live finale will also be broadcast live around the world. Unlike offline audition programs that take place on studio sets, it is optimized for online use.

◆ Original songs and performances by famous overseas producers

'Dream Academy' pre-released some of the three original songs that will be performed on the live finale stage on TikTok, a global short-form mobile video platform. This song was created solely for the finale stage, and is a song that contains the passion and friendship of the participants. Although specific information is still shrouded in mystery, famous foreign producers and lyricists participated. In addition, Son Seong-deuk, the general creator of Dream Academy, who is well-known as BTS' choreographer, contributed to the creation of the original song performance. The third mission, which was conducted using the choreography and concept developed by the 'Dream Academy' creative team, was well-received by fans and proved its influence. This time, expectations are even higher as the song and choreography are exclusively for ‘Dream Academy’. Global fans are focusing their attention on the original complete song and performance that will shine on the live finale stage of the participants who have honed their skills with all their might.

◆ Fans around the world sing the theme song in their native language

Unlike other audition programs, 'Dream Academy' participants communicated directly with fans through their individual SNS accounts even during the competition. Participants actively communicated with fans through the global fandom platform Weverse and showed a lifestyle that perfectly suited the tastes of Generation Z through various short-form content. This two-way communication will be maximized on the live finale stage. HYBE said, “The title of the theme song for ‘Dream Academy’, where fans from all over the world sang the song in their native language and sent videos, was confirmed to be ‘All the Same.’ This theme song is an original contest song by participants divided into two teams. “In addition, it will be a meaningful gift for both the fans and participants who have been on the 12-week journey.”

The member who will pass the 'Dream Academy - Live Finale' gate and be selected for the final debut group will be determined by adding 50 points from the judges and 50 points from the fan vote. Fan voting, which accounts for 50 points, is conducted on Weverse, and is reflected by adding 10 points from live voting to 40 points from advance voting. Advance voting is open until 11:59 a.m. on November 18th, and only one of the 10 participants can be selected. The final live vote is only possible during the finale stage broadcast. 'The Debut: Dream Academy Live Finale', filled with spectacular attractions, can be viewed on HYBE LABELS YouTube, Japan's ABEMA, and the global fandom life platform Weverse.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google