Seventeen released a special performance video shown after their speech at the UNESCO Youth Forum.
Seventeen released a special performance video shown after their speech at the UNESCO Youth Forum.
Group Seventeen (S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, The8, Mingyu, DK, Seungkwan, Vernon, Dino) released a special video titled ‘God of Music’ specially produced for the ‘UNESCO Youth Forum’. It was released on Seventeen's official YouTube channel on the 16th.

After giving a speech at the 13th 'UNESCO Youth Forum' held in Paris, France on the 15th (Korean time), Seventeen surprisingly released a special performance video of 'God of Music' on site.

At the time, the audience watched a special video set in Jeju Island after member Seungkwan, who was the first speaker, mentioned his hometown Jeju Island and said, “A small boy who dreamed of a future on an island designated as a World Natural Heritage by UNESCO stood at UNESCO headquarters like this today.” When this was revealed, there was an explosive response with exclamations and cheers.

The 'God of Music' special video was produced against the backdrop of the green land of Jeju Island, which has been designated as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site. Seventeen performed lively group dances on a large scale with about 350 dancers, creating a cheerful and touching atmosphere. The bright smiles of Seventeen members and dancers, and a huge flower object reminiscent of a festival blend in with the natural scenery of Jeju Island, giving off a refreshing feeling. In particular, everyone who appears in the video wears varsity jackets with Seventeen and UNESCO logos as a group, capturing the spirit of 'solidarity' emphasized in this UNESCO speech.

Pledis Entertainment said, “All of the 350 dancers who appear in the video filmed in a cheerful atmosphere with one mind and one will under strong windy conditions with the hope that the solidarity of young people on site would be well conveyed.”

Seventeen's famous speech at the 'UNESCO Youth Forum' continues to impress. After the speech and performance, 'SEVENTEEN', 'MINGYU', 'UNESCO', and 'God of Music' ranked first in search terms in French and Korean real-time trends on SNS 5th place), and 'SEVENTEEN UNESCO YOUTH FORUM' (12th place), which attracted a lot of attention.

French local media, global news agency AP, Japan's THE TIME and Mezamashi TV reported with titles such as 'Seventeen in Paris, K-Pop Conquers UNESCO' and 'Seventeen Writes History at UNESCO', reporting on Seventeen's global status. Focusing on influence. <End>

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google