NCT 127, third tour opens today in Seoul
NCT 127, third tour opens today in Seoul
NCT 127 will kick off its third tour with a performance in Seoul today (17th).

NCT 127's third tour 'NEO CITY: SEOUL – THE UNITY' will be held six times at KSPO DOME in Seoul Olympic Park for two weeks from November 17th to 19th and November 24th to 26th. do.

In particular, this performance is a new domestic solo concert held by NCT 127 a year and a month after the performance at Jamsil Main Stadium in Seoul in October last year, and as soon as tickets were opened, it recorded 4.86 million concurrent traffic and sold out all tickets for the 6th performance. Of course, even the additional limited-view seats were sold out in an instant.

This concert is a stage where NCT 127, who have become completely one with their fans after going through the first tour 'THE ORIGIN' and the second tour 'THE LINK', move on to a new chapter, so 'THE ORIGIN' You can enjoy a colorful stage that combines NCT 127's unique music and extreme performance with a spectacular production that encompasses all of the concepts of the performances and 'THE LINK' performances.

Ahead of the performance, NCT 127 said, “It seems that the first performance of the tour is always held in the winter, but we hope that our performance will be a special and pleasant excitement for Czennie (fandom nickname) like the excitement that the season brings. We've worked hard to create a great performance that will make you think of NCT 127's concerts when you think of winter, so we hope Czennies enjoy it happily. “We will make this winter more special than ever, starting with performances, so please look forward to it,” he said.

In addition, NCT 127 will begin its third tour starting in January with a performance in Seoul, followed by a Japanese dome tour to Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, followed by Jakarta, Bulacan, Bangkok, and Macau.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google