VIXX's  concert sold out on both days
VIXX's concert sold out on both days
Group VIXX proved its tremendous ticket power.

VIXX sold out all tickets for the two-day exclusive concert 'VIXX LIVE FANTASIA 'CONTINUUM'' held through Interpark Ticket on the 15th.

VIXX's sold-out solo concert is an even more meaningful achievement in that it holds special meaning for both artists and fans as it is a large-scale concert held four years after the solo concert 'VIXX LIVE FANTASIA [PARALLEL]' held in 2019. It's coming.

The solo concert 'VIXX LIVE FANTASIA 'CONTINUUM'' will be filled with a special time to compile VIXX's musical activities so far, as this year marks the 11th anniversary of VIXX's debut.

In addition, for this solo concert, VIXX is doing its best to prepare to present a complete and diverse attraction that cannot be left out, including not only high-quality music of various genres, but also gorgeous and intense performances, detailed stage composition, and friendly communication. there is.

In particular, this solo concert is expected to be a welcome opportunity to meet a variety of repertoire as it is the latest performance held after the release of the fifth mini album 'CONTINUUM', which will be released on the 21st.

Meanwhile, VIXX's concert 'VIXX LIVE FANTASIA 'CONTINUUM'' will be held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul for two days on December 9 and 10, and VIXX's fifth mini album 'CONTINUUM' will be released on various music sites at 6 PM on November 21. It is made public through.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google