ATEEZ, 8 people and 8 colors’ ‘crazy form’
ATEEZ, 8 people and 8 colors’ ‘crazy form’
ATEEZ released the character poster for their 2nd full-length album.

ATEEZ has released character posters for its 2nd full-length album 'THE WORLD EP FIN: WILL' through its official SNS on the 15th.

First, Hongjoong, wearing a hairpin and a hat, made a playful expression by biting his fingers, while Seonghwa left a strong impact by holding a microphone and singing passionately while leaning back like a rock star. In addition, Yunho, wearing a hair band, made deep eye contact by resting his chin on one hand, while Yeosang, crouching down with his legs crossed, showed off his visuals as if he had stepped out of a cartoon.

In the poster released later, San showed off his chic charm by styling a white shirt and black fedora, while Mingi, wearing sunglasses down, rolled up the sleeves of his suit to create a sexy atmosphere. Next, Wooyoung created a unique vibe by matching glasses and a checked shirt, and finally, Jongho in a dandy suit created tension with a provocative expression.

Ateez heralded a new narrative and heightened expectations for the new album's title song 'Crazy Form', which will be released next month.

Meanwhile, ATEEZ will release its 2nd full-length album 'The World Episode Final: Will' at 2 PM on December 1.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google