NXD reveals profile of Hiroto, 'former Boy's Planet'
NXD reveals profile of Hiroto, 'former Boy's Planet'
'RBW's new boy group' NXD has released the profile of member Hiroto.

NXD (Jaemin Hwang, Hiroto, Hyunggeun Park, Daehyun Kang, Lee Yongjun) uploaded Hiroto's profile and prologue video to their official SNS at midnight today (14th). In the published photo, Hiroto boasted a warm visual while wearing a casual green hooded sweatshirt.

NXD is capturing the ordinary daily lives of each member through the prologue video, while Hiroto appears absorbed in the game. Hiroto, who had been concentrating on practice, showed a mischievous side immersed in the game on this day, making those who watched him smile happily.

Hiroto was born in 2002 and is in charge of rap at NXD. Hiroto has an unusual history of participating in idol survival programs in Korea, China, and Japan. With his solid vocals and performance skills that contrast with his cute appearance, he ranked 21st on Mnet's 'Boys Planet'.

NXD is a boy group introduced by RBW about 5 years after ONEUS. The team name is an abbreviation for 'Next Identity' and contains a strong ambition to create our own identity by communicating with and empathizing with listeners through diverse music and performances.

Meanwhile, NXD has been sequentially releasing profiles and prologue videos that give a glimpse into each member's identity for a total of 5 days starting on the 13th. They will make their pre-debut within this month.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr translated by google