BTS Jungkook "I have a privilege as the youngest, I look forward to BTS synergy in 2025"
BTS Jungkook "I have a privilege as the youngest, I look forward to BTS synergy in 2025"
Apple Music today released an interview with BTS's Jungkook and Apple Music Global Creative Director Zane Lowe, titled 'Zane Lowe Meets Jungkook'.

Zane Lowe, who is also the host of Apple Music Radio's program Apple Music 1, recently visited Seoul and met Jungkook, who released his solo album 'GOLDEN' on the 3rd, at the Hive headquarters in Yongsan-gu and had an in-depth conversation.

In an interview with Apple Music, Jungkook spoke with Jane Rowe about episodes from the group's early days as the youngest member of BTS, his activities as a solo artist, his thoughts on collaborating with other artists, the background to writing honest lyrics, and the ecstatic experience of live performance. We had an honest conversation. In addition, they shared interesting and colorful stories outside of the album, such as their favorite song in this album, BTS who will be in 2025, and their special bond with ARMY.
Below is the full Q&A with Jungkook.

the youngest As a member Jungkook and group member To my brothers learned those

I think I definitely had the privilege of being the youngest. I think I received a lot of help from the members, whether I knew it or not. The members are really nice people, so I think I learned a lot from them. With the help of the six members, I was able to grow into who I am today.

political situation , activities In the beginning reminisce

I can't say we were that cool back then. Of course, in my view, the hyungs (the other members) were really cool, but honestly, I still have a hard time watching videos from the beginning of their debut a few years later. When I think about that time, I feel a little sad. I wonder what it would have been like if I had been the person who felt the way I feel now. If it weren't for that time, 'Would BTS be where it is today?' I think so. Because there was a raw vibe back then. And when I think about it now, the seven of us had some shortcomings, but I think we were able to achieve the current result thanks to the process we had together.
BTS Jungkook "I have a privilege as the youngest, I look forward to BTS synergy in 2025"
BTS Jungkook "I have a privilege as the youngest, I look forward to BTS synergy in 2025"
Jungkook , solo activities decide

First of all, the three rapper line hyungs RM, SUGA, and j-hope had the biggest influence. That's because the three older brothers uploaded their own creations in their spare time after their debut, so the vocal members were greatly stimulated by that. So we released a cover song, a fan song, and a holiday song. I think it became natural to do and produce my own things while watching from the side like that. I think I did it because I felt like I had to do it after hearing ‘Seven’. I think those three definitely had a big influence.

Jungkook , solo Activities and In collaboration about

I enjoy doing solo work, and I also like collaborating with other people. Honestly, I think I feel more pressure when I'm working outside. Since it's not mine, I don't want to cause trouble, so I'm more nervous, and I think I feel even more pressure when filming the 'TOO MUCH' music video because other people are involved.

'GOLDEN' album produce In progress most It was good part time job

I think it was nice to be able to sing a song with lyrics that cover a variety of genres and topics. Since I have been a member of the group so far and mainly sang fan songs and personal songs, I think the overall process of performing so many songs was enjoyable. The process of recording while working closely with a foreign producer overseas was fun, and the sense of accomplishment when I completed one song was also great. I think the process itself was really good.

live perform When I did it felt in feelings about

It's a feeling that can't be described in words, but it feels like a collection of all the good words in the world. “Is it heaven?” It's such a great feeling, and I think it's a really happy feeling to sing as a singer in that space with people who support me. I'm so happy that it gives me goosebumps.

'Standing Next to You' from the album most Favorite With a song picked reason and the fans possible big listen wishing To the reason about

Of course, the song is good, but I think it was nice to be able to see myself performing on stage with that song first. So, I chose it because I thought it was the song that best suited the title of this album. It holds a very special place in my heart because the recording process was so difficult. One thing I would like to say to ARMYs is that I recommend listening to ‘Standing Next to You’ with speakers, not earphones or smartphones, and with the volume turned up.
BTS Jungkook "I have a privilege as the youngest, I look forward to BTS synergy in 2025"
BTS Jungkook "I have a privilege as the youngest, I look forward to BTS synergy in 2025"
On the release of ‘Seven’ about

When I released ‘Seven’ and even before it was released, I had confidence and expectations. However, rather than setting a new record with this song, I think I focused on ‘Will people relate to it?’ when I released a song I liked. 'Is it really good for me to listen to a song, and can the song I like be a good song that suits other people's tastes?' I think I was curious.

Jungkook , in 2025 about

According to a Korean proverb, I don’t think 2025 is a distant future. While preparing to become a solo artist and working as a solo musician, there were moments when I really missed my members. Whenever I was in the waiting room, standing alone on stage, or eating with the staff, I definitely felt the absence of members who had been with me for several years, and I think I think about it a lot. Because of that, 2025 may seem far away, but I never think that way, and I think the synergy between BTS in 2025 will be enormous. I'm really looking forward to seeing that.

Jungkook talking With ARMY special Because of fate about

Just as there is a Korean proverb that says, ‘Follow your friends to Gangnam,’ I don’t know who follows whom among BTS and ARMY (BTS fans). Whether BTS follows ARMY or ARMY follows BTS, the most special thing is that they have a special bond and rely on each other. Furthermore, I want to show the real me and have sincere and comfortable conversations with ARMY. Actually, singers have a line to keep from their fans. Of course, I will stick to that line. I will be courteous to my fans, but I still feel like we have a friend-like relationship that I can tell anything about.

now this at the moment concentrating In the political situation about

I try not to get caught up in the past. Personally, I don't like staying in one place. Whether it's an actual place, a memory, or a mistake I made. I hate dwelling on the past, so I always try to focus on the present. Rather than thinking about the future, we focus on the present. That's my way. That doesn't mean I'm trying to erase what's already happened, but I'm definitely aware of it, acknowledge it, and then move on to the next step. I think I can continue to think, judge, and move forward because of this process. I think it's foolish to be stuck in the past. The motto of my life is to regret what I regret, admit what I have to admit, and move forward.

BTS , and Jungkook most I'm proud doing to about

My top priority is not myself, but ARMY. It's not my family, it's not the BTS members, it's ARMY. So, as Jungkook of BTS, I think I think more about what to do with ARMY. Rather than personal goals, if you set a goal by and thanks to the fans, and enjoy the process of achieving it, it becomes an achievement in itself... I don't think the order changes for me.

Jungkook's young days to music About memory

First of all, when I was young, I wasn't the type of person who liked music that much. As I started this career (as a singer), I gradually got better, and when I listened to the song ‘Hwayangyeonhwa’ from our album, I think I felt a strange new emotion because of the good results from a musician’s perspective. From then on, I started looking for more cool or good music and wanted to do it more.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google