Stray Kids releases mini album '樂-STAR' and title song at 2pm today (10th)
Stray Kids releases mini album '樂-STAR' and title song at 2pm today (10th)
Stray Kids, who is making a comeback today (10th), pre-released the new song 'Rock' dance challenge and boosted the energy of fans around the world.

Stray Kids will release the mini album '樂-STAR' and the title song 'Rock (樂)' on November 10th. Accordingly, JYP Entertainment is launching a comeback by sequentially releasing high-quality teasing content that provides a preview of the new album, such as a prologue video, concept image, b-side song teaser 'UNVEIL: TRACK', mash-up video, and music video teaser, on the official SNS channel. heated up.

At 00:00 on the 10th, the short form challenge video for the new song 'Rock (樂)' was released and it was a huge success enjoyed by the whole world. Bang Chan-I.N, Lee Know-Seungmin, Changbin-Han, and Hyunjin-Felix performed '#Rock Challenge' and '#LALALALA_Challenge' with both angles and grooves, showing off their 'performance leader' style. The new challenge is expected to be a hit as it combines the addictive sound with elements of the rock genre, tension-raising lyrics such as "Just feel the rock, We let it rock" and "Lalalala, sing like crazy, Lalalala" and energetic choreography. .

In particular, on the 9th, the intro video 'INTRO "樂-STAR"', in which the eight members directly tell the story of the album, was released and said, "All members participated in the planning of the performance so that the unique energy of 'rock' could be felt to a greater extent. He raised expectations for the full version of the performance by saying, “There are parts that will surprise you and say, ‘Wow!’ You will be able to see Stray Kids who are energetic and dominate the stage.”

The mini album '樂-STAR' expressed Stray Kids' message and confidence that 'our rock continues no matter what the situation'. Including the title song 'Rock', 'MEGAVERSE', 'Blind Spot', 'COMFLEX', 'Cover Me', 'Leave', and the title song of Japan's first EP album 'Social' A total of 8 songs are included, including the Korean version of 'Path (Feat. LiSA)' (Social Path) and 'Rock (Rock Ver.)'. Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han of the group's producing team 3RACHA took charge of the new album and filled Stray Kids' unique music color.

Stray Kids' three works will be released in the US, including the mini albums 'ODDINARY' and 'MAXIDENT' in 2022, and the regular album '★★★★★ (5-STAR)' in June 2023. They ranked first on the Billboard 200 for the third time in a row, re-proving their presence as the '4th generation K-pop leader'. Then, in July, he stood on stage as the first K-pop artist to headline 'Lollapalooza Paris', and won the 'Best K-pop' category with his latest song 'Special' at the '2023 MTV Video Music Awards' held at the Prudential Center in New Jersey, USA in September. received the honor. Driven by momentum, he made a comeback with his newly completed work '樂-STAR' and continued his strong performance as a 'global trend' by delivering musical 'joy' to fans worldwide.

Meanwhile, Stray Kids' new mini album '樂-STAR' and title song 'Rock (樂)' will be officially released on Friday, November 10th at 2pm, 00:00 Eastern time in the United States.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google