ATEEZ, Vivid + Wild concept photo released
ATEEZ, Vivid + Wild concept photo released
ATEEZ has released its third personal concept photo.

Since the 8th, ATEEZ has sequentially released the third individual concept photo of its 2nd full-length album 'THE WORLD EP FIN: WILL' through official SNS.

First, Hongjoong, who showed off a fashionable leather jacket, radiated subtle charisma and showed off his leader-like presence, while Seonghwa, wearing a unique hair accessory, left a deep impression with his photogenic pose. Yunho showed off his unique charm by matching a scarf to a colorful outfit with a graphic pattern, while Yeosang overwhelmed everyone's attention with his shining visuals despite covering his face with one hand.

Next, San made the deadly atmosphere stand out even more by looking up while lying on the floor, and Mingi, who wore goggles on top of his head, made intense eye contact between transparent objects, creating a mysterious mood. Wooyoung showed off his fantastic facial features in front of a pink background that contrasted with his black attire, and finally, Jongho stared at the camera with deep eyes, making the hearts of the viewers flutter.

In particular, ATEEZ has released its third personal concept photo, which attracted attention with its casual styling with vivid and wild graphic patterns, and showed a wide spectrum by sensuously digesting different attractive concepts.

Meanwhile, ATEEZ will release its 2nd full-length album 'The World Episode Final: Will' on December 1st.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google