Hyuna's new start by joining forces with Groovy Room is refreshing.

HyunA released 'This is HyunA's 'Attitude' AT AREA (Performance Video)' through YouTube at 6 pm on the 6th. This is a performance video presented along with the news of the exclusive contract with At Area on the same day.

The title 'Attitude' featured new music, performance, and even a performance video with a quality that goes beyond a music video. At Airy hinted at Hyuna's future direction.

Nevertheless, the official music source is not released. It is a work commemorating a new start at At Area. Hyuna personally presented new performances and music and made her first greeting as an artist.

Hyuna directly participated in writing and composing the lyrics for 'Attitude', and Groovy Room improved the quality of the song by composing and arranging it. Musicians Kwaca and EVAN contributed to writing lyrics and composing the song. The unconventional meeting between Hyuna and At Area predicted that it would lead to even hotter synergy in the future.

Meanwhile, Hyuna will release a new profile image at 6 PM on the 7th. Afterwards, a special documentary will be released sequentially along with trailer behind-the-scenes images.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr translated by google