VIXX reveals comeback schedule
VIXX reveals comeback schedule
Group VIXX has released its official scheduler.

On the 6th, VIXX posted a scheduler image for their fifth mini album 'CONTINUUM' on their official SNS.

The released image depicts VIXX's comeback content schedule with a sensuous puzzle-shaped design on a dreamy background.

According to the scheduler, starting with the spoiler released on the 5th, the track list on the 7th and the concept video on the 8th will be released to raise expectations for the album, and official photos will be sequentially released over 4 days from the 10th to the 13th. It is predicted that curiosity about the concept will be amplified.

It is expected that the comeback fever will be heightened by releasing a lyric spoiler on the 14th, a highlight melody on the 15th, and an official teaser trailer on the 17th. In particular, on the 19th, two days before the comeback, '???? #1', announcing the release of content shrouded in mystery.

This VIXX album continues with the three members Leo, Ken, and Hyuk. Through the spoiler released on the 5th, VIXX is receiving favorable reviews from K-pop fans by solidifying its position as a 'longevity idol' by revealing the three members' visuals and dance skills that have not changed since their debut despite the short video.

Celebrating their 11th debut anniversary, VIXX announced that they will show their unrivaled musical style and capture their honest and sincere side through this new album. This album, which contains the theme of 'continuity' as shown in the album name 'CONTINUUM', is said to have captured a more mature mood through the members' direct participation in everything from the music to the jacket and music video.

Meanwhile, VIXX's fifth mini album 'CONTINUUM', which has entered full-scale comeback warm-up by releasing the scheduler, will be released on various online music sites at 6 PM on November 21.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google