Moon Jong-up, first official activity after ‘Peak Time’ ended
Moon Jong-up, first official activity after ‘Peak Time’ ended
'Peak Time' performer Moon Jong-up has begun his comeback activities.

On the afternoon of the 2nd, behind-the-scenes content from the fan showcase commemorating Moon Jong-up's comeback was released through the SLL global music channel 'GOGOSING'.

Moon Jong-up, who announced his comeback after 2 years and 3 months by releasing his second mini album 'SOME' on the 30th of last month, greeted the subscribers of 'Go Go Sing'.

Next, he explained the title song '

He also said, "This is our first official activity since JTBC's 'Peak Time'. We have prepared even harder to create better synergy with the new company. We ask for your love and support," and raised expectations for our future activities. He also did not miss a word of thanks, saying, "Thank you for 'Peak Time'."

Moon Jong-up shined even brighter on stage. The experience and expertise accumulated through BAP activities and appearances in 'Peak Time' led to upgraded stage manners and performances, increasing the immersion of viewers.

Meanwhile, 'Go Go Sing', which announced the news of Moon Jong-up's comeback through a behind-the-scenes video showing the happy current status of the 'Peak Time' cast, is providing enjoyment to listeners by releasing various contents such as various drama OSTs and K-POP live.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google