ZEROBASEONE, pre-orders exceed 1.7 million copies
ZEROBASEONE, pre-orders exceed 1.7 million copies
Group ZEROBASEONE makes a comeback with 'Dark Innocence'.

ZEROBASEONE (Seong Han-bin, Kim Ji-woong, Jang Hao, Seok Matthew, Kim Tae-rae, Ricky, Kim Kyu-bin, Park Gun-wook, Han Yu-jin) released the 'Loyalty' version of their 2nd mini album 'MELTING POINT' on their official SNS at midnight today (27th). Individual concept photos were posted.

In the published photo, the nine members interpreted innocence in their own way, capturing attention with 'Dark Innocence', which has impressive strong shading. The nine members completed their unique charisma by adding chic expressions to their intense black-colored outfits.

Before the comeback, ZEROBASEONE expressed innocence with 9 people and 9 different perspectives through various versions of concept photos such as 'Fairytale', 'Mystery', and 'Loyalty'. In their debut album, they focused on their inner story through the theme of 'the splendor of youth and the instability behind it', and in 'MELTING POINT', which was reached with Zero's faith, they expressed taking direct action based on solid self-confidence. do.

'MELTING POINT' is a new album released by ZEROBASEONE about 4 months after the release of their debut album 'YOUTH IN THE SHADE' last July. Just as high-purity ice melts at 0 degrees, the nine members expressed their ambition to open a new world with '100% purity' immersion and passion, and to melt the hearts of listeners with powerful music and passionate performances.

In particular, ZEROBASEONE will make a comeback on the 6th of next month with the title song 'CRUSH'.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google