'C-JeS' new boy group' WHIB releases visual film
'C-JeS' new boy group' WHIB releases visual film
The visual film of the 8-member boy group WHIB, launched by C-JeS Studio, has been released.

HUB will release its single album 'Cut-Out' on November 8th and is about to take the first step toward becoming the new face of the 5th generation K-POP. At midnight today (19th), visual films #1 and #2 of 'Cut-Out' containing the colors of 8 people were released through official SNS.

In the video, each of the eight members, J-der, Ha-seung, Jin-beom, Yoo Geon, Lee Jeong, Jae-ha, In-hong, and Won-jun, showed off their unique charms and warmed up global fans. J-der showed off his eight-colored side, whose image changes rapidly depending on what he wears, while Ha-seung showed off the eldest brother's appearance, where both dependability and charm coexist. Jinbeom added liveliness with his colorful expressions, and Yoo Geon showed off his tough yet cute charm.

Lee Jeong caused the ascension of a clown with her bright smile, and Jaeha caught everyone's attention with his full facial features and 'puppy looks'. Next, Inhong filled the screen with a strong presence in a soft and gentle image, and Wonjun filled the screen with the fresh charm of the youngest member.

HUB is a boy group launched by C-JeS Studio after 13 years. HUB has proven its charm and skills early on by communicating with global fans through its own content, including various cover videos and vlogs, through the 'made in cjes' (MIC) SNS channel.

Meanwhile, ahead of the album's release on November 8, HUB plans to open the Weverse community on Monday, October 30 to communicate with fans in earnest.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr translated by google