Rookie boy group WHIB reveals debut album tracklist
Rookie boy group WHIB reveals debut album tracklist
The track list for boy group WHIB's debut album 'Cut-Out' has been released.

At midnight on the 16th, C-JeS Studio opened the tracklist image for the single album 'Cut-Out' through HUB's official SNS. HUB's first album 'Cut-Out' contains two tracks, 'BANG!' and 'DIZZY', and is a double title.

WHIB's debut album, 'Cut-Out', is about 'I will begin to create a work (album) with WHIB's unique colors through music of various colors, just as I cut and pasted drawing paper of various colors to create a work of art.' implied meaning.

First, the first title song 'BANG!' is a dance song in the alternative pop genre, signaling the brilliant start of WHIB, which finally came out into the world after a long preparation process. It is a song that conveys WHIB's courage and ambition to break the prejudices of the past and find his own path. Kim Seung-soo, who worked on representative songs for IZ*ONE and Twice and recently established himself as a star producer by appearing on KBS2's 'Listen Up' and TV CHOSUN's 'Show Queen', participated in the song work.

The second title song 'DIZZY' is an impressive song with powerful synth sounds and a refreshing rhythm like a spicy soda. This, combined with the members' cheerful and fighting vocals, is expected to deliver WHIB's bold charm to listeners. HUMBLER, a hit song maker who has worked with numerous artists such as XIA (Junsu), Super Junior, Lia (ITZY), and BTOB, composed the song, and ONCLASSA, who expresses unique emotions, wrote the lyrics. We were together.

Meanwhile, WHIB is a compound word of 'WHITE' and 'BLACK'. It expresses confidence that it will show a variety of charms as WHITE and BLACK are at the extremes of the color chart. At the same time, it has the meaning of finding their own color among the numerous colors between WHITE and BLACK through infinite experiences and episodes.

WHIB's first single album 'Cut-Out' began pre-sale on the 13th (Friday), and the music source will be released through various music sites on November 8th (Wednesday), and the physical album will be sold starting on the 9th (Thursday). Is expected.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google