ONF releases second MV teaser for new song 'The Wind Blows'
ONF releases second MV teaser for new song 'The Wind Blows'
A day before their comeback, the group ONF released the second music video teaser for their new song 'The Wind Blows (Love Effect)'.

On the 3rd, the agency WM Entertainment released the music video teaser video for the title song 'Love Effect' of ONF's seventh mini album 'LOVE EFFECT' through its official YouTube channel and SNS channels.

The released video created a unique feeling with the composition as if looking down through CCTV and the mysterious music playing in the background, and in the subsequent scene, it switched to ONF looking down as if they had found this gaze, stimulating curiosity.

In the next scene, ONF is shown performing in various places, such as in front of a building, a garage, and a basketball court, along with some of the melodies of the title song 'The Wind Blows (Love Effect)'. In particular, the lyrics, “The wind is blowing on us Whoo,” combined with the refreshing and cheerful melody and free but powerful performance, created an exciting atmosphere and announced the return of ONF, the ‘standard cool idols.’

In addition, prior to the release of the second teaser, ONF is further heightening expectations by pre-releasing part of the sound source and challenge video of the title song 'Love Effect' through the video platform TikTok at 6 PM on the 2nd. .

ONF's seventh mini album 'LOVE EFFECT' depicts the beginning of love depicted by ONF in the new season. ONF defines various emotions with the word 'love', such as the members' longing for each other during the past year and a half of being apart, gratitude for the unchanging support and support of fans, the courage they gained from it, and their desire to perform on stage. It was told from Offman's hopeful perspective.

The title song 'The Wind Blows (Love Effect)' is a song that sings the confession of the moment of feeling love with O&OFF's unique refreshingness, and is a song that tells the story of 'love' that the members who have passed through a tunnel of various emotions face again with deeper emotions. The song is garnering attention from fans by collaborating once again with producer Hwang Hyeon, who has been working with him since his debut album.

ONF's seventh mini album 'LOVE EFFECT' will be released on various music sites tomorrow (4th) at 6 PM.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google