Like Reseraphim… Fantastic harmony in 'Kalgak' dance, re-enacting K-pop charm
Like Reseraphim… Fantastic harmony in 'Kalgak' dance, re-enacting K-pop charm
The second mission performance video of ‘The Debut: Dream Academy’, a reenactment of a Le Seraphim song, has been released.

'The Debut: Dream Academy' posted four second mission performance videos (MISSION 2: TEAM MISSION) on the HYBE LABELS YouTube channel at 00:00 on the 29th (Korean time). Among the 18 second mission participants, two teams consisted of 5 people each and performed Le Seraphim's debut song 'FEARLESS'. The remaining two teams paired up with four people each to perform 'ANTIFRAGILE', the title song of their 2nd mini album.

The participants perfectly sang Le Seraphim's songs and performances, showing their skills worthy of debuting right away. In addition, both songs were sung in English versions, demonstrating the global popularity of K-pop. Participants who participated as vocalists in the first mission were also able to demonstrate their dancing skills by showing Le Seraphim's unique performance.

First, Brooklyn (USA), Lexi (Sweden), Maki (Thailand), May (Japan), and Nayoung (Korea) performed 'FEARLESS' at the building's heliport, performing 'Kalbak' and ' The group dance of ‘Kalgak’ increased immersion on the stage. In addition, each participant's attractive voice was added, capturing the eyes and ears of music fans.

Celeste (Argentina), Daniela (USA), Ezrela (Australia), Manon (Switzerland), and Woowa (Japan), who performed the same song, exploded their girl-crush charm with powerful yet sophisticated performances, which are Le Seraphim's trademark. In particular, they showed off their differentiated charm by building up harmony in beautiful harmony on an outdoor rooftop overlooking Namsan Tower.

Another competition song, 'ANTIFRAGILE', was filmed in a contrasting indoor shopping mall. Emily (USA), Lara (USA), Sophia (Philippines), and Yoon Chae (Korea) doubled the addictiveness of 'ANTIFRAGILE' with refreshing dance lines and dynamic performances. In addition, their skillful facial expressions in harmony with the music stood out.

Kali (USA), Ilya (Belarus), Megan (USA), and Samara (Brazil) reinterpreted 'ANTIFRAGILE' in their own colors, completing a more rhythmic stage. Their groovy performance, which adjusted the strength and weakness of the dance to the beat, was enough to fascinate viewers.

Along with the release of the four videos, a global vote also began. You can vote to advance to the final mission by clicking 'Like' on each participant's fancam video uploaded to the fandom life platform Weverse and the YouTube Hive Labels Plus channel. 10 ‘likes’ are converted to 1 vote and reflected in the final total score.

Voting is possible for a total of four people, two per song. It is also possible to select two people from the same team, such as two from the 'FEARLESS' team and two from the 'ANTIFRAGILE' team. The final tally calculates the average team score by adding up all of the participant's individual voting scores.

Voting for the second mission ends at 3:59 p.m. on October 3. Participants on the team with the highest average score receive exemption from elimination and advance to the next mission. At midnight on October 9th (Korean time), the results of the viewer vote and the four eliminations will be revealed, and the 14 people who will participate in the third mission will be decided.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google