Ephex, pre-orders exceed 260,000 copies
Ephex, pre-orders exceed 260,000 copies
The number of pre-orders for the group EPEX's sixth EP exceeded 260,000 copies.

On the 27th, the agency C9 Entertainment said, “Epex’s sixth EP Book of Anxiety Chapter 2. ‘Can We Surrender?’ pre-order volume exceeded 260,000 copies during the pre-sale period, breaking its own record.” He said.

This is an achievement that proves the enthusiastic global response to EPEX. Effects, which has been setting its own highest records in terms of album sales for each activity, is drawing attention by predicting a 'career high' this time.
Chapter 2 of Ephex's new EP, Book of Anxiety, released for the first time in 6 months. 'Can We Surrender?' is the final chapter that concludes the 'Book of Anxiety' series.

In particular, the title song 'FULL METAL JACKET' is raising expectations as a song that contains the danger of school violence and EPEX's rough energy to combat it. The overwhelming scale in the previous music video teaser caught the eye.

EPEX's sixth EP Book of Anxiety Chapter 2. 'Can We Surrender?' will be released on various online music sites at 6pm on October 4th.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr translated by google