EPEX unveils 6th EP tracklist
EPEX unveils 6th EP tracklist
Group EPEX begins new activities with the title song 'FULL METAL JACKET'.

Ephex (Wish, Geum Dong-hyun, Mu, Amin, Baekseung, Aiden, Yewang, Jeff) released their sixth EP Book of Anxiety Chapter 2. 'Can We Surrender?' through their official SNS at midnight on the 22nd. The tracklist image was released.

Ephex has a total of 4 songs in this EP, including the title song 'FULL METAL JACKET', 'Surrender', 'Hit The Wall', and 'No Roof'. Load it.
Not only the title song name that creates a strong atmosphere, but also heavy keywords such as 'surrender' and 'limit' that appear in the song title attract attention.

The collaboration of top domestic and foreign producers, including KZ, Taeyoung Kim, Sujeong Kim, danke (lalala studio), Albin Nordqvist, BAYSIDE PABLO, and MLC, who participated in the 'Book of Anxiety' series albums, also attracts attention. Effects worked with these artists to capture their unique musical style to a high degree of perfection.

This EP 'Can We Surrender?', the final chapter in the 'Book of Anxiety' series, is an album that deals with the reality that forces boys to surrender, especially the current state of school violence.

Meanwhile, Ephex's sixth EP Book of Anxiety Chapter 2. 'Can We Surrender?' will be released on various online music sites at 6 PM on October 4th.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr translated by google