Rookie group New:ID confirms pre-debut on the 22nd
Rookie group New:ID confirms pre-debut on the 22nd
Rookie boy group New:ID meets global fans first with its prologue single.

MLD Entertainment released a scheduler containing the promotion schedule for the prologue single 'ER' through New:ID's official SNS channel at midnight on the 15th.

According to the released scheduler, New:ID will pre-debut with the prologue single 'ER' on the 22nd. Starting with the teaser image on the 18th, concept photos containing various charms will be released sequentially, and the music video teaser will be released later.

New:ID is a 5-member boy group newly launched by MLD Entertainment. WILSON, MACKY, L, THAD, and JOM showed a unique presence in 'Dream Maker', a Korean-Philippine joint survival audition program that created HORI7ON. ) consists of

Through this pre-debut, New:ID showed off their unique abilities as a rookie with a solid identity as a 5-member group, solid vocals, and overwhelming performances.

Meanwhile, New:ID's prologue single 'ER' will be released on various online music sites at 6 PM on the 22nd.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google