Group VANNER first fan concert sold out super fast in 3 minutes
Group VANNER first fan concert sold out super fast in 3 minutes
All tickets for 'Peak Time' winner VANNER (Taehwan, GON, Hyeseong, Seongguk, Yeonggwang)'s first fan concert 'VVS ADVENTURE' in Seoul were sold out.

Tickets for VANNER's fan concert 'VVS ADVENTURE' held on the 14th in the Seoul area sold out quickly in just 3 minutes in the pre-sale for fan clubs. Accordingly, attention is being focused on overseas ticket reservations to be held in Tokyo, Osaka, and Macau after the Seoul fan concert.

As this is VANNER's fan concert 'VVS ADVENTURE' for the first time since its debut, it is expected to build precious memories through active communication and a diverse and rich corner composition that will satisfy both artists and fans.

Additionally, this fan concert was known for its mystery adventure concept of finding secrets hidden throughout the school, stimulating the curiosity of fans.

VANNER made a comeback with their first mini-album 'VENI VIDI VICI' last month and actively engaged in music activities, recording the highest album sales of all time by recording approximately 110,000 albums, while also achieving the highest album sales in history in Hong Kong, the Philippines, It also had the honor of ranking first on Taiwan's iTunes Global Album Chart.

Meanwhile, VANNER's fan concert 'VVS ADVENTURE' will be held at the Yonsei University Centennial Memorial Hall in Seoul on October 14th and 15th at 6 PM.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter