Tomorrow by Together, ‘Back for More’ music video released
Tomorrow by Together, ‘Back for More’ music video released
Group Tomorrow by Together releases the official music source for 'Back for More (with Anitta)'.

This is the original track of the song performed on the stage of the '2023 MTV Video Music Awards' (hereinafter 'MTV VMA') on the 13th. The performance version of the music used during the awards ceremony stage was also released.

'Back for More (with Anitta)' is a song that says that there are magical, miraculous moments even in everyday life, and for me, reuniting with 'you' will be that moment. It is a song that highlights Tomorrow by Together's sexiness and style, and the color of trendy Latin pop is added through collaboration with Anita, making it even more attractive.
The music video, which focuses on the performance of 'Back for More (with Anitta)', begins with the back of Beomgyu heading towards the stage. While the suit fit that highlights the physical appearance of the five members exudes understated sexiness, the non-stop performance attracts attention.
Meanwhile, Tomorrow by Together won the 'PUSH Performance of the Year' category at the '2023 MTV VMA', which determines the artist that deserves the most attention in the current global music market, showing the presence of a 'global K-pop leader'. proved.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google