Group EVNNE reveals debut tracklist
Group EVNNE reveals debut tracklist
EVNNE, a 7-member boy group presented by Jellyfish Entertainment, has opened a tracklist image ahead of its debut on September 19th.

On the 11th, agency Jellyfish released the track list of their first mini album 'Target: ME' through their official SNS.

According to the tracklist poster, EVNNE's first mini album 'Target: ME' includes the title song 'TROUBLE', 'Role Model', 'Pretty Thing', 'Your Text', 'JUKEBOX', and 'Even More'. A total of 6 songs are included.

The title song 'TROUBLE' contains lyrics that express the appearance of an attractive bad boy who independently changes the world, and is expected to provide a unique song atmosphere. As can be seen in the title song title, expectations are high that you will be able to experience the unique charm of EVNNE's wild and free-spirited atmosphere.

EVNNE's debut album is composed of songs that will make the group's colors and members' personalities stand out, and is expected to target the tastes of fans at home and abroad. Above all, many of the top domestic and international hit makers who created popular songs for K-pop singers participated.

Additionally, members Keita, Lee Jung-hyun, and Ji Yoon-seo were credited as co-writers of the lyrics in their debut album. Members Ji Yunseo and Lee Jung Hyun participated in co-writing the lyrics for track 5, 'JUKEBOX', and members Keita and Ji Yoonseo completed the lyrics together for track 6 and the fan song 'Even More'.

EVNNE debuts in the music industry with the ambition to shine brightly in the highest place like new stars that rise every night. He plans to meet the public with a more mature appearance and music compared to the appearance he showed during his appearance on Mnet's 'Boys Planet'.

Meanwhile, EVNNE will release its first mini album 'Target: ME' through various online and offline channels at 6 PM on September 19th.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google