AKMU, ‘Love Lee’ takes first place on major domestic charts
AKMU, ‘Love Lee’ takes first place on major domestic charts
AKMU swept the top spots on major domestic music charts with its fourth single [Love Lee].

According to YG Entertainment on the 6th, AKMU's fourth single title song 'Love Lee' ranked first on Melon TOP 100 (as of 9 a.m.) on this day. It topped the main chart of Korea's largest music platform, where public preferences can be confirmed.

This song is also firmly at the top of the real-time charts of major domestic music platforms such as Genie, Naver Vibe, Bugs, and FLO.

In addition, the included song ‘Fry’s Dream’ is attracting attention as it continues to be popular. It ranked 5th in Melon's TOP 100 and ranked in the top 10 on major music charts.

Meanwhile, AKMU is receiving favorable reviews for its unique sensibility and lively music color through its fourth single, [Love Lee], released on August 21st.

The title song 'Love Lee' is a song that combines acoustic sound and rhythmic drums with sensuous vocals, and unfolds everyday and familiar material with AKMU's unique and unique perspective.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr translated by google