Group FANTASY BOYS unveils teaser poster
Group FANTASY BOYS unveils teaser poster
The teaser poster of the group FANTASY BOYS has been released.

Fantasy Boys opened a teaser poster for their debut album 'NEW TOMORROW' (New Tomorrow) through their official SNS channel on the 30th.

The released teaser poster shows the fantasy boys wearing sporty outfits in a gym. The members show off their free mood while holding a basketball, and it looks like they are resting after the game.

Fantasy Boys, who have started preheating their debut with a teaser poster, are planning to unfold a new fantasy with their individuality through their soon-to-be-released debut album 'NEW TOMORROW'.

Then, starting with the teaser poster, Fantasy Boys will release a variety of teasing contents sequentially, such as concept photos, tracklists, and music video teasers, and will launch their debut promotion in earnest.

Fantasy Boys will release their debut album 'NEW TOMORROW' on September 21st at 6pm.

Reporter Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia
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