TWICE added 4 concerts at a super-large stadium
TWICE added 4 concerts at a super-large stadium
Twice added 4 super-large stadium performances and became the 'Global Stadium Headliner'.

At midnight on the 29th, JYP Entertainment posted the 3rd plan poster for TWICE's 5th world tour 'TWICE 5TH WORLD TOUR 'READY TO BE'' on its official SNS channel and announced additional venues.

Starting with Melbourne, Australia on November 4 (hereinafter local time), Twice will hold 4 performances in 4 regions, starting with Jakarta, Indonesia on December 23, Mexico City, Mexico on February 3, 2024, and Sao Paulo, Brazil on February 6. They will be conducting a large-scale world tour with 42 concerts in 25 cities around the world.

From MARVEL STADIUM in Melbourne, Australia, JAKARTA INTERNATIONAL STADIUM in Jakarta, Indonesia, FORO SOL in Mexico City, Mexico, and ALLIANZ PARQUE in Sao Paulo, Brazil, all 4 regions are held at stadiums. As the performance was announced, they are expected to impress the audience 'once with the eyes, once with the ears' in a large-scale venue.

Previously, in May of this year, Twice held their first ever Japanese stadium concert in the history of a K-pop girl group at Yanmar Stadium Nagai, Osaka, Japan, and Ajinomoto Stadium, Tokyo. In addition, it was the first female group in the world to enter the Los Angeles Sopai Stadium, one of the largest stadiums in the United States, and attracted 50,000 spectators. The concert at New York's MetLife Stadium, which boasts a scale comparable to this, was also sold out, demonstrating its status as a 'stadium artist'. Starting with Sopai Stadium in Los Angeles, USA in June, the group held 13 concerts in 9 cities, including Oakland, Seattle, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Toronto, Canada, New York, and Atlanta in July. and showed off its global status.

TWICE, which has recorded about 700,000 cumulative audiences so far, is about to break through the 1 million cumulative number of visitors. Expectations are focused on the record that will be achieved through the previously announced world tour of 42 concerts in 25 cities around the world, including performances at Vantelin Nagoya Dome on December 16 and 17 and Fukuoka PayPay Dome on December 27 and 28.

In April, Twice kicked off their 5th world tour 'TWICE 5TH WORLD TOUR 'READY TO BE'' in Seoul and directly met domestic and foreign ONCE (fandom name: ONCE) in Australia, Japan, North America, and other overseas countries. Starting from Singapore on September 2 and 3, London, England on September 7 and 8, Paris, France on September 11, Berlin, Germany on September 13 and 14, Bangkok, Thailand on September 23 and 24, Bulacan in the Philippines on October 30 and October 1. , Melbourne, Australia on November 4, Nagoya, Japan on December 16-17, Jakarta, Indonesia on the 23rd, Fukuoka, Japan on the 27th-28th, Mexico City, Mexico on February 3, 2024, and Sao Paulo, Brazil on the 6th. Goes.

Reporter Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia translated by google