'YouTube King' Lim Young-woong, surpassed 1.52 million subscribers
'YouTube King' Lim Young-woong, surpassed 1.52 million subscribers
Singer Lim Young-woong proved his popularity by surpassing 1.52 million subscribers on his official YouTube channel.

Lim Young-woong’s official YouTube channel ‘Lim Young-woong’ surpassed 1.52 million subscribers on the 11th. After recording 1.51 million on May 29, 10,000 people were added in 13 days.

Previously, Im Young-woong's channel had 1.46 million on January 3, 1.47 million on February 6, 1.48 million on March 5, 1.49 million on April 10, 1.5 million on May 2, and 1.51 on May 29. It is showing off its influence by increasing the number of subscribers by 10,000 every month, including 10,000 and 1.52 million on June 11.

Lim Young-woong’s official YouTube channel, which was opened on December 2, 2011, has a total of 669 videos uploaded as of the 2nd. The cumulative number of views has exceeded 2.05 billion views, and there are 66 videos with 10 million views.

Meanwhile, the 4th episode of 'My Little Hero', full of Im Young-woong's charm in each episode, will be broadcast on KBS2 at 9:25 pm on the 18th, and the last episode, episode 5, will be broadcast on the 25th.

Reporter Yoon Jun-ho, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google