Twice, the first ever female group to perform at the U.S. Sophie Stadium → sold out
Twice, the first ever female group to perform at the U.S. Sophie Stadium → sold out
Twice made the Sopai Stadium in Los Angeles, USA, the venue for a music festival and thrilled 50,000 spectators.

On June 10 (hereafter local time), Twice announced the grand start of the Americas concert of the 5th world tour 'TWICE 5TH WORLD TOUR 'READY TO BE'' ('Ready to Be') at Sopai Stadium in Los Angeles, USA. In this solo concert, they succeeded in mobilizing a super-large audience of 50,000, and became the first female group to enter and sell out at Sopai Stadium, shining a strong worldwide presence. We looked at the main keywords of the Twice Sopai Stadium single concert, which heated up the summer night in Los Angeles and was enjoyed by 50,000 spectators.

[Talented : Talented]

Twice, who has a reputation for being a "performance artisan" with outstanding dance skills and full control, has increased their ticket power by digesting various genres and song concepts on the world tour and presenting performances that will not leave you bored even for a moment. 'SET ME FREE', the title song of the 12th mini album 'READY TO BE', which ranked 2nd on the US Billboard main chart 'Billboard 200', and 'I CAN'T STOP ME', which was greatly loved by global fans. Can't Stop Me) opened the door to the concert at Sopai Stadium in a splendid way. The nine members, who have solid choreography skills, overwhelm the crowd with their charisma and charisma, as well as the English single 'MOONLIGHT SUNRISE', which entered the Billboard 'Hot 100', and 'Feel Special', which has a special meaning to Twice and Once. When they sang emotional songs like (Feel Special), they showed off their graceful and beautiful dance lines and completed a more dramatic stage. In addition, cheers poured out during the performance of ‘GO HARD’, a song from the regular 2nd album, with Jihyo’s shouting adverb and silhouette performance in which the members danced in unison with a strong white moon LED screen displayed.

The stage that Global Once (ONCE: fandom name) was most enthusiastic about was the solo special stage, where they could see the individuality and capabilities of the nine members Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu. Through this tour, Twice presented individual stages for the first time in the history of concerts, and drew enthusiastic cheers with 9 members and 9 colors of colorful charms and attractions. On the stage prepared with various repertoires such as piano playing, self-composed singing, and cover performances, each of them showed off their infinite talents and overflowing talents, and the audience responded explosively by chanting the names of the members.
Twice, the first ever female group to perform at the U.S. Sophie Stadium → sold out
Twice, the first ever female group to perform at the U.S. Sophie Stadium → sold out
[Wide: wide]

Sopai Stadium, which is called the most expensive stadium in the world, boasts a super-large scale and size with internal elevators that go up and down a total of six floors to accommodate all seats. Global musicians such as British legendary rock group The Rolling Stones, world-famous Red Hot Chili Peppers, and famous pop star The Weeknd took to the stage at Sopai Stadium. They have established themselves as a girl group.

The sight of the wide sofas filling the seats at the stadium was truly awe-inspiring. Before the start of the performance, fans waited for Twice and cheered for surf on their own, creating a spectacle where 50,000 people organically became one. 'What is Love?', 'CHEER UP', 'LIKEY', 'Dance The Night Away' with Twice's unique healthy and bright energy Away) and other representative songs resonated, and the scene where the audience held 'candy sticks' (Twice cheering rods) lit up the concert hall was also impressive. In addition, 50,000 spectators filled the magnificent space with thunderous cheers as if the hall was about to leave at each member's eyes, gestures, and comments for about 2 hours and 30 minutes during the single concert. Twice expressed their pride, saying, "I don't think I'll ever forget all these moments that I'm with you right now. When I dreamed of becoming a singer, I never imagined that we would hold a concert in the U.S. at such a large venue, but it's really amazing and happy." told

[Iconic: idol's]

Los Angeles fans' affection and passion for Twice could be seen in the dress code. As if they had been waiting for this day, they went to the concert hall wearing MD merchandise, stage costumes for previous TWICE activities, and clothes they made themselves based on the outfits for the world tour, and thoroughly enjoyed the concert. In addition, the atmosphere of the festival was created to be enjoyed by all with the commonality of 'Twice', making the atmosphere even more heated. They sing Korean songs in unison, such as 'SCIENTIST', 'Heart Shaker', 'Alcohol-Free', and 'Talk that Talk', and Twice is the next In the audience dance time prepared when preparing for the stage, they showed passion and added a different kind of fun. Fans of all ages, regardless of nationality, did not miss the detailed choreography and perfectly covered it, and even followed the facial expressions and gestures of the Twice members on stage, leading to applause.
Twice, the first ever female group to perform at the U.S. Sophie Stadium → sold out
Twice, the first ever female group to perform at the U.S. Sophie Stadium → sold out
[Confident: Confident]

Throughout the performance, Twice moved around the stage, making eye contact with the fans and communicating closely with them by encouraging them to respond in English. “I felt a thrill when I looked at the concert hall filled with 50,000 people at the opening. Even though we speak different languages and are far away, I often feel that we are connected through music and the stage. I was very happy to see and hear your appearance and loud shouts. You always boost Twice's confidence just by being there. Thanks to Once, Twice was able to enter the concert hall called Sopai Stadium. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. See you soon. I will come back," he said confidently.

[Excellent : Best]

Twice kept their promise to "continue to create new achievements as Twice in the future" at KSPO DOME (Olympic Gymnastics Arena) in Songpa-gu, Seoul, where the first performance of this world tour was held in April. Recently, they became the first K-pop girl group to set a new record by surpassing 1 million album sales in the US. In addition, the mini-album 'READY TO BE', which has the same name as the fifth world tour, entered the 'Billboard 200' as of March 25th at number 2 and was ranked for 9 consecutive weeks, breaking its own record and continuing its global growth.

In this continuing upward trend, the concert at Sophie Stadium, which has grown more than four times in size and scale compared to the Kia Forum, where Twice's first US single concert was held, is expected to act as a springboard and serve as a popular booster to soar Twice to a higher place. After setting a new milestone in the history of female group performances in Los Angeles, they will visit Oakland, Seattle, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Toronto, Canada, New York, and Atlanta, USA to meet and connect North American fans. Among them, the performance at MetLife Stadium in New York, USA on July 6 sold out quickly after the general ticket sales opened. Thanks to the great support, additional seats were opened twice, and these were also sold out very quickly.

Expectations are high for Twice's worldwide move, which always performs 'best' with high-quality music and albums, and produces 'best' output as 'stadium artists'.

Reporter Yoon Jun-ho, Ten Asia translated by google